Project Management

This can take the form of;


  • Asbestos Management Plan formation
  • Audit or Inspection program
  • Sub-Contractor training management
  • Program of Asbestos Surveys
  • Asbestos Air Monitoring and Removal management

Asbestos Project Management

Asbestos Building Surveys Ltd provide a comprehensive Project Management service for building/portfolio management, staff training or management of asbestos risks as part of a refurbishment or demolition project.

Staff Engagement

By engaging with our services, ABS can ensure compliance with all asbestos legislation and provide peace of mind that any duties insofar as management and control of asbestos risk are carried out effectively and in full compliance with all Health and Safety legislative requirements.

Asbestos Building Surveys Ltd can provide a full Management service spanning from original Asbestos Survey and formation of Management plan to overseeing sub-contractor works and safe removal of any required asbestos.

This is one of the many reasons that Asbestos Building Surveys Ltd are the trusted partner to associates within chartered surveying practices, architects, loss adjusters, construction firms, banks and insurance companies throughout the UK.

Client Portal

In addition to the above, ABS operate a bespoke cloud-based Asbestos Surveying system that allows the quick production and cloud-based storage of all instructed survey reports. Furthermore, this system allows a client to manage a range of sites across their portfolio, with access to data including any identified asbestos, as well as location, condition and priority assessment.

This then allows us to rank each by level or importance and create an action plan for the safe management and/or removal of asbestos across their sites. For more information or for a free consultation and demonstration, please contact us

Contact ABS

if you would like to arrange a demo of our online client portal.

Suspect Materials

If you suspect you have uncovered materials that may contain asbestos,

CALL our emergency service line 01355 222525.

We will endeavour to provide a same day sample collection service, where possible.